Brand style guide Scala Sports

This brand style guide is established to ensure adequate and consist brand representation. Please follow the guidelines below in any Scala related references.


Scala made the decision to rely on two types of fonts, possibly with the extension of one accent font. The fonts are distinct based on the use in text: headers (main font) and text (body font). The fonts are chosen in order to align with the brand image of Scala. Enjoy using!

Main font

The poppins font represent minimalistic, geometric, perfect circles. This is derived from our love for sport (balls) and give a professional/trustworthy but also happy feeling at high readability.

Difference can be established between types of headings by using alternative sorts of poppins (extra light, semi bold), or more:

Body font

The raleway font is known for its roundness, minimal, sharp and functional look. It is the ideal combination with the poppins font and perfectly suited for great readability of body text. The ralwey font supports the brand image of Scala through references to its key areas: happy. professional. for all.


Scala makes use of their own color palette to support its brand image. The color palette consist of (shades of) three primary colors, namely Scala green, Atomic Tangerine orange and Baby Blue eyes blue. These colors represent nature, growth, energy, fun, clean and trust. These colors are supported by neutral color (shades) of black, white and grey.

Scala Green

Hex: #2ACD82

Scala Green.

Hex: #2ACD82

Scala Green.

Hex: #2ACD82

Scala Green.

Hex: #2ACD82

Scala Green.

Hex: #2ACD82

Atomic Tangerine.

Hex: #FF9A5C

Orange Pantone

Hex: #FF5C0A

Orange Crayola

Hex: #FF7733

Macaroni & Cheese

Hex: #FFBB99

Champagne Pink

Hex: #FFE4D6


Hex: #85B9EA

Bright Navy Blue

Hex: #237DD1

French Sky Blue

Hex: #73AFE7

Babye Blue Eyes

Hex: #A8CDF0

Beau Blue

Hex: #CBE1F6


Hex: #000000

Outer Space Grayola

Hex: #384042


Hex: #6E7271

Silver Sand

Hex: #C1C3C2




Hex: #F5F5F5



Our Logo

At Scala, we carefully crafted our Logo to resemble where we stand for. As a result, we wish that you follow these guidelines and examples to ensure our logo looks as good as are product is. Our logo is simple, modern, geometric and can be with our without wording. 

Below several examples of our logo can be found that can be used in all communication. These logos are transparent to ensure easy use in all our communication. With respect to our logo, the colour that could be used are our basic colors: Scala Green, Atomic Tangerine and Aero. Also standard black and white are options. For the wording 'Scala' one can opt to add this in the Poppin font on the right or bottom of the logo, in the same color. Moreover, ensure proper spacing so both logo and text are readable. Take a look here.

Scala Green

Atomic Tangerin






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